Shaking The Political Apple Tree For An Honest Apple Pie

I hate Politics, it makes me angry. Not because I am not getting my way. Simply reading political issues make me a bad person.

In fact there are very few polices or laws I would like to see legislated. I might be a  kind of a libertarian or classical liberal that way.  What I am experiencing is a simple cry for smaller government, and asking them to leave me alone. Don’t force my ideology on anyone in the nation. However, please don’t legislate your ideology on me either. Unfortunately, it seems too much to ask of Justin Trudeau. Socialists are using force to impose ideology, and crush discussion, and freedom.

I am intrigued by the rise in global populism. What better way to understand populists than to read their writings first hand versus the revisionist,  second hand narratives of their opponents. This is a lesson drilled into me by my major in Sacred Literature (It applies to history study, religious, or any information of any kind – apply it to contemporary news as well.)

The principle is this; What happened, what was said, what is actually thought or believed, is best learned from the sources themselves (Written or verbal). Beliefs and stories are not best learned  from the writings of their opponents or enemies. Go to their opponents for valid criticism and further insight, but only after you hear 9Read) the actual position from the source.  Much religious and world history is brimming with the writings of their enemies, and often it is exaggerated, or not true at all.  In some cases the only writings we have about certain groups beliefs are written by their enemies. We have no source documents or writings to read because there documents were so  thoroughly  purged by the fires  and burning and the murder of the people themselves, we have no source material left to  hear the real unbiased story. The same is happening today in the Social Justice purge. We are purging our history and understanding.

“The same pundits, press, and pollsters who deemed Trump utterly unelectable are now telling us why he won. They have become instant experts on what happened and what to do about it. If you are not skeptical, you should be.

– Stephen Harper. Right Here Right Now: Politics and Leadership In the Age Of Disruption.

I am skeptical of them. What is the answer to Trump? Not the insanity and hysteria I see in American and Canadian Media. The answer to Trump is a better idea, and watch him fall quickly.

I was in Sikasso Mali when Trump won the election. I was shocked, the locals where shocked. One shop keeper asked me about it and I expressed my dismay as a Canadian on the norther Border of the USA. His reply?

“Well, it’s only four years, right? If he is that bad, he will be gone in four years.”

However, after my initial shock abated, I kind of welcomed Trumps political establishment tree shaking…. and only that, nothing more.
When I got back to Canada everyone was talking about Trump. What I began to share, as people mourned, was this; I thought his election will expose who has the real power (we will soon find it’s not him), or who thinks they have it, when Trump tries to take it. I suggest we watch who screams, they will come out of the woodwork from unexpected places.  And they did. The CIA, the Education department, his own party, the FBI , you name it.

I felt Trump would end up exposing (not intentionally- is he that brilliant?), clearer than ever before, the true beliefs and the full depths of what those various beliefs might be in many people (economic, social, psychological, education, societal, global, and political etc). He would force people to put on the table what ideologies and principles they are actually guided by and to what degree (and what means), what effort, and what kind of physical action they are willing to take to pursue it, protect it, secure it,  or even  force it on others.

Boy, oh boy! Did Trump ever do that.
The end goals, objectives and visions of parties, people, and politicians are much more clearly articulated now. I wish I knew more of the end game with Trudeau…. Maybe I do, and I am simply not walking with him there to our post national nation. How would you know his end game?

It’s messy because it was a wake-up call to American conservatives and liberals alike.

I don’t like the mess, it is a painful agony to watch the affairs  across our southern border. However, i do like the clarity of knowing more fully various peoples, parties, interest groups, advocacy groups etc, full goals, methods, desires, objectives, and beliefs . Especially, what people are willing to do to others when it is, or is not, going in their favor. A denied person shows their character in a very honest way.
I hate the mess, but a feel more cards went on the table, cards politicians used to keep between themselves, far away from the “Uneducated” and “Ignorant” masses.  Things are a hell of a lot clearer across the Southern border now. And I think politicians on all side are angry they had to show their hands to the people.  Who believes what,  has become much clearer (As long as you go to the source, and not the media spin on either side. People are also writing and speaking more about their positions now.)

“The same pundits, press, and pollsters who deemed Trump utterly on electable are now telling us why he won. They have become instant experts on what happened and what to do about it. If you are not skeptical, you should be.

The good thing is that we do not have to look under rocks or rely on talking heads for an answer. Trump’s triumph is really not that much of a mystery. The president has been frank about the economic and social forces that motivated his voters and ultimately put him in the White House. In truth, he saw these trends earlier and more clearly than anyone else.

We need look no further than Trump’s inaugural speech. It was a clear distillation of what was behind the populist uprising of 2016. It was an unorthodox yet powerful address, and it was right there in plain sight.

The media largely overlooked the speech. They were too busy focusing on the crowd size and fawning over the celebrities who refused to perform. Everything got attention except what should have. The address was a revealing look into Trump’s populism and the voters who supported it.

Do not get me wrong there was much to disagree with. The Tone Loc Ronald Reagan soaring rhetoric or George W Bush’s Sunny optimism. There were no loads to American freedom and liberty, and no homage paid to its conservative values and beliefs. There was a veneer of anger, even a tinge of Darkness. That does not mean, however, that we have nothing to learn from it. This was something different and worthy of attention. It was a break not just from old conservative mantras. But from the typical Left Right model altogether. Trump was articulating a vision that challenges much of what had come before him.”

– Stephen Harper. Right Here Right Now: Politics and Leadership In the Age Of Disruption.

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