Becoming So Reclusive That …. More Advice From The Fisherman’s Shanty

As my wife stood up from the breakfast table to head off to work. I stood up, hugged her and wished her a good day. As I released her from my extended bear hug I announced, “I must fill my coffee cup before I sit down to read little before I head over to the workshop.”

She looked back at me from the garage door saying, “We are out of coffee cream, just so you know.”

“What?” I said rather dramatically. (We both really do not care for coffee without cream. Milk- bla)

I jokingly point my finger at her and say, “You need to take better care of your man than this.”

“Ya, well, (brief pause) I’ll stop for coffee cream on the way home.” Lynn said.

“If I happened to be in town today, I will pick it up. I’ll text to let you know if I do, so you don’t need to stop.” I say.

By now Lynn is further out into the garage somewhere and out of my sight, I say loudly so she can hear,

“But don’t hold your breath. I am feeling like a hermit lately. I am hiding from large crowds of people.”

Buy this time Lynn was almost to her car, and out in the recesses of the dimly lite garage where I could no longer see her, but could still hear her, but barely.

“Well, don’t become so reclusive that you can’t buy your own groceries.”, Lynn added.

I love this woman. So witty. I laughed and giggled over this for several minutes.

It is a wonderful place to be in a relationship when you can still joke, yet be brutally honest, and still neither of you think any less of the other because of their quirks. You know their quirks and they are, in part, what makes them the man or woman you love.Makes them no less annoying some days. However, you learned to embrace them, and laugh, rather than whine, complain, and bitch.

It takes a lot of growing up to get to this point. Some of us have a whole lot more growing up to do than others. We can’t bitch enough to change a person into something else for us. It does not work. Ever!

Try another path.

So says I, as I sips from me mug of coffee …… with milk.

(say this last line out loud with a heavy east coast accent)

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