The Return Of The Rhino

The Rhino came back,

He couldn’t stay away,

He was sittin’ on the porch,

The very next….. two decades away.

He returned home after twenty two years.

I gifted this ten inch long carved rhino to someone twenty two years ago. Long forgotten by me, that is until I noticed him again for the first time in two decades while I was visiting them again. The memory of when I bought him, back in 1996, when i lived in Ivory Coast, came back. I told them the story.

They explained that they loved him very much, appreciated him deeply all these years, and that they did not wish to insult my long time appreciated gift. However, they insisted that he return to his rightful home, “He representes such a huge chunk of your life. You should have him now.”, they said.

I didn’t want to accept him, but I did accepted him. And now I am happy that I did.

He now sits on my reading table, where i visit with him every day.

Frankly, I am very thankful for his return. The truth is that i have almost nothing left, no mementos of my own, from my five years in Ivory Coast over two decades ago. Certainly not any beautiful hand carvings like this of my own. I gave them all away in the early years.

Now, every time i look at this Ivorian rhino I think of that old life in Côte D’Ivoire, West Africa. A life that, is now, unfortunately, so long ago that i am slowly losing more and more of those precious memories with each passing year.

I am thankful for the rhino’s reminders. I need them.

That life, and these memories are a huge part of who i am, and why i am who i have become. Though you should never blame Africa for the trouble I seem to be.

I’m thankful rhino returned home.

Love To Hear From You

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