Andrew Coyne Hit Piece On Maxime Bernier, You, & Me

Andrew Coyne wrote an excellent hit piece against Maxime Bernier. Full of journalistic red herrings and diversion tactics.

“Cue the hysteria, courtesy of Maxime Bernier.” writes Andrew Coyne.

Link : Andrew Coyne: I, for one, welcome our new world parliament overlords

I’m just a dumb fisherman Andrew, sorry for the grammar and punctuation mistakes. But i had to write.

Bernier can come across as over the top. He is clearly a conservative, and that is living a conspiracy theory according to Neo-Liberals.

However, If Andrew Coyne had actually thought about the UN Parliament concept, pressed it a little, he would have passed up the opportunity to do a hit piece on Maxime, and done some investigative journalism.

Hear IS What Andrew Coyne Should Have Written – But Will Not.

  • What exactly is a UN Democratic Parliament?
  • Where did this idea originate?
  • Who proposed it?
  • How much of a backing does it have.
  • And Who is backing it?
  • Why did Trudeau Sign it?
  • What was Justin Trudeau Advocating for when he signed it?

If the concept of a UN Democratic Parliament is such a ridiculous conspiracy theory, or some apocalyptic concept, Maxime Bernier should not be center stage in this apocalyptic story. There are two players here; Trudeau and Bernier, with Trudeu bearing the much greater weight. If Bernier, by merely pointing out the fact that Trudeau signed on for advocacy for a UN Parlament; if this is so off the wall, if such a conspiracy theory is like seeing demons around the corner, as Andrew Coyne seems to suggest, then it is a greater shame on Trudeau. If Justin Trudeau actually believes a UN Democratic Parliament is even possible, enough so that he signed on to calling it into existence, and to lobbying the UN to make haste in forming such a parliament, and joined other Politicians to do so……..

THAT IS THE STORY. If Bernier is a conspiracy theorist for pointing to the fact Trudeau signed on – Trudeau is 100 fold a wack for ever signing on to promotes it’s creation.

If there is a dumb ass here, it is Trudreau one hundred fold more than Maxime Bernier.

Maybe the call for such an entity will never happen, logistically, or because of economic reasons. So what Andrew Coyne. Trudeau is the dumb ass for promoting and advocating for the conspiracy then, right?

The very fact that this movement is TRULY real, and even if there is only a 0.01% likelihood of such a thing happening, I am 100% opposed to the idea, and 100% opposed to Trudeau ever signing on for such a Parliament. I am not supporting any hint of this.
And is it such a conspiracy theory Andrew Coyne?

Do you really think we are so ignorant of socialist themes, literature, thought and ideology? That there really are Globalist? That is a conspiracy? Are you frigging kidding me Andrew Coyne?

I ask you, Have you not read the platforms on every social Democratic Party or movement in Canada? And of course the Communist Parties as well (Who have rebranded mostly as democratic socialist, but their policies are the same.)? Have you read anything about the anti-nationalist threads in the Socialist movement, even “Democratic” socialist ones (There is no difference between them at all. It’s arguing metaphors, not different ideology)

Andrew, you really think we are so stupid that we will believe there is not, within academia, a desire for the unification of people globally under various ideologies with some of our Canadian Communist and Socialist parties included? They may not be huge movements, but let us not pretend they do not exist. Andrew, socialist ideas in Canada have, in the past, been the root source the all the social programs we have today, Primarily socialist leaning politicians in the West brought this. So it is real, right?

What I find a bit insulting is that Andrew expects us to dismiss Globalist ideas and anti-nationalist sentiments as a conspiracy theory.

Don’t believe that diversion.

I actually read the policy and writings of every socialist party and group in Canada over the last year. It’s there. Read #5 especially.

The Anti- nationalist sentiment, for a globalist policy and politics is real. It is why Populism is exploding in Europe and even here in Canada.

Like it or not.

I read a few ideas from our Socialist parties over the last year. Keep in mind their websites project their best image, their most palatable foot forward. Not the depths of the full socialist Ideology.

Andrew, here you are, it’s not a figment of our imagination.

Oh, and we still have not even looked at the people and papers calling for the UN Democratic Parliament; Who they are, how they envision organizing it etc. There are documents already wirtten. Did you bother to look for them Andrew? But I am not going to do your journalism for you, Andrew.

Andrew, I really do like you as a journalist, but this was one piece of shit your wrote. It was a hit piece, not journalism. And It plays on the ignorance of people, and it assigns a lot of ignorance to us as Canadians. Anti-nationalist sentiment and globalist ideologies exist.

I’m a Lobster fisherman now. I should be stupid. But not that stupid Andrew.

It was insulting.

Andrew, you will never read this. However, if by some off chance you read my conspiracy letter, i hqve a conclusion at the end.

Socialist parties in Canada

Some of their Website Statements. Read the “Conspiracy Theories” they put forward Andrew. It’s standard Socialist doctrine.
1. NDP Socialist Caucus The SC published its Manifesto for a Socialist Canada in 1999 and produces its magazine, Turn Left,

Here is their Manifesto

If you read any socialist documents they seek to unite with anyone on earth n this common struggle, in any country who wish to live under socialist philosophy. In fact, it is a requirement that socialism grow and spread to many as it is the only way to defeat Capitalism, and free people. It is not necessarily a one world government that Andrew Coyne rightfully says is probably impossible (I hope and pray he is right). But the fact that a body outside of a nation can direct the affairs of a nation, even to the point of telling a nation when they can and cannot have an election, which the officals of the EU in BRUSSL have done, is concerning. The increasing power the EU, an unelected group of people, over economic, immigration, banking etc is for me a concerning affair. It is not a joke. And this recient talk of the EU forming its own military. That scares the hell out of me. Why you ask? Because these people are just like me. No worse and no better. We all will use power to our advantage, or to give greater support to those we love. That point always arrives. Power corrupts us all.

2. The Communist Party of Canada

“We seeks to unite, within a single party, all who fight for socialism on this revolutionary basis. Workers and oppressed peoples of all countries, unite! The Communist Party of Canada also upholds the time-honoured and tested principle of working-class internationalism. We develop fraternal ties with Communist and Workers’ Parties of other countries for the victory of the common aims of the working class…..

What is called “campaigning” is illusion-making and diver-
sion from the key issue of how to end the anti-social offensive.

3. Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)

They plan to field candidates for the next election.

“They seek to disinform the resistance of the people to this agenda by creating as much acrimony as possible so as to divide the people on a sectarian basis. Conditions are put in place so that people cannot think for themselves…..

It is not the people who confer mandates on governments which
do whatever the international financial oligarchs and the U.S. im-
perialists and their NATO aggressive military alliance demand
of them. They appease the warmongers by claiming to act in our
name to defend peace, freedom, national security, the rule of law
and human rights. Their propaganda is to dismiss the people who
are striving to occupy the space for change which has presented
itself in Canada and around the world at this time….CPC(M-L) is calling on Canadians to make their vote count in
2019 by setting their own aims and intervening in events as they
unfold in an organized manner. This is achieved by deliberating
on the matter at hand, drawing warranted conclusions and tak-
ing stands which favour their interests, not the interests of those
who have usurped power by force.

4. Socialist Party of Canada (WSM World Socialist Movement)

Object The establishment of a system of society based upon the common ownership and democratic control of the means and instruments for producing and distributing wealth by and in the interest of society as a whole.
What is meant by “a system of society”?
The world is a “global village“. Each region may have its own particular and distinct customs, but they are part of a greater system of society that is world-wide. This system of society is capitalism and every region and nation operates within this system of society in one way or another. Socialism is not a cooperative island in the middle of capitalism, but a global system of society that will replace capitalism.

That as the machinery of government, including the armed forces of the nation, exists only to conserve the monopoly by the capitalist class of the wealth taken from the workers, the working class must organize consciously and politically for the conquest of the powers of government, in order that this machinery, including these forces, may be converted from an instrument of oppression into an agent of emancipation and the overthrow of plutocratic privilege.

It would be foolish to expect the capitalist class to voluntarily give up its privileged position in society. Governments exist solely to administer the society as it exists, in the interests of the ruling (capitalist) class, so governments will not end the privilege. Capitalism will continue as long as the working class accepts it. The working class will have to force the capitalist class to give up its position of privilege.

Socialism will be the result of workers democratically choosing a new, classless society based upon the satisfaction of human needs. And since capitalism is a global system of society, it must be replaced globally.

5. Socialist Action – (Based in Montreal Quebec)

For International Socialism: Socialism can be created only by ending world scarcity. We must organize labour and resources and develop production on a world scale, not within a single country.

Socialist Action:Socialist Action is a cross-country revolutionary socialist organization in political solidarity with the Fourth International. Active in over 50 countries, the worldwide Trotskyist movement has for over 60 years been in the forefront of workers’ struggles against capitalist oppression and Stalinism… We are fighting for a world fit for human beings, and for a mass revolutionary party to lead the struggle to victory. If you agree with what we stand for, we invite you to join us!

6. The New Socialists

Marxism, and to a great degree Socialists are anti Nationalist. Andrew Doyle seems to think we can’t see this thread in their ideology? It is a conspiracy theory?

Read this document Marxism, Nationalism and National Struggles Today

“It rarely if ever occurs to them that the nation-state system is a very recent creation in human history, that most human societies have had no concept of the nation whatsoever, and that the rise of the nation-state system corresponds to the international development of capitalism……. For all these reasons, nationalism represents arguably the greatest challenge to Marxism. “The workers have no country,” declared Marx and Engels in the Communist Manifesto. In this spirit, Marxism launched the first political movement that thought in truly international terms and declared world-wide human emancipation and the elimination of the nation-state to be its highest goal…… Yet, unless the hold of nationalism can be broken, the prospects are dim indeed for the politics of socialist internationalism. For this reason, discussion of “the national question” has been a recurring one within the socialist movement.

7. International Socalists

“Internationalism- The struggle for socialism is part of a worldwide struggle. We campaign for solidarity with workers in other countries. We oppose everything that turns workers from one country against those from other countries. We support all genuine national liberation movements….

8. Young Communist League

“Our goals are clear – short term, to build a youth resistance; long term, to build socialism. We want to contribute a Marxist-Leninist and internationalist viewpoint to the youth movement… We demand the recognition of the national rights of all nations in Canada, including the Acadian people, Quebec, First Nations, the Métis, and the Inuit nations. Furthermore, we call for the protection and expansion of the rights of national minorities, such as French-speaking communities in English-speaking Canada.

All nations should be free to associate as sovereign nations within Canada and have the right to self-determination up to and including secession…..The YCL-LJC is internationalist. The future of Canada is tied both to winning peace and the success of national liberation movements and revolutions which free ever-more countries from the domination of the trans-national capital and imperialism.

We declare our solidarity with those countries building socialism”

9. Québec Solidaire

Claims to be Democratic Socialists.

But i sense no overarching desire to unite with other world movements as it Quebec Sovereign movement.


1. About UN Parlament. Link

“But there is some opposition to the idea of an empowered global parliament. A 2007 BBC poll of approximately 12,000 respondents asked, “How likely would you be to support a Global Parliament, where votes are based on country population sizes, and the global parliament is able to make binding policies?” Of those polled, 19.1% responded “Very unlikely–it is a bad idea”; 14.9% responded “Quite unlikely–but it might work”; 23.1% said “Quite likely–but with reservations”; and 14.4% said “Very likely–it is a good idea”. The poll was broken out by country, and the U.S. and Australia showed the strongest opposition.[72] Potential challenge to the UNPA are political organizations such as the U.S. Constitution Party,[73] and politicians such as 2008 U.S. presidential candidate Ron Paul, which favor withdrawal from the United Nations and other multilateral organizations altogether due to sovereignty concerns.[74] Canadian Action Party leader Connie Fogal also opposes the UNPA, saying, “It is very revealing to see the NDP and the Greens as part of and promoting this…”

2. Related and lobying for the UN Parlament IS Democracy Without borders.

“DWB is co-founder and coordinator of the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly[7]; the latter has since gained support from over 1500 members of parliament from around the world.”

“DWB’s mandate states that the organisation “strives for a democratic world order in which citizens participate beyond national boundaries in shaping policy that serves their joint long-term interests…. Specifically, it advocates the creation of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA), through “democratization and reform of the United Nations and intergovernmental bodies in order to enable them to deal with transnational issues and threats successfully and on a legitimate basis.” It seeks to achieve this through a gradual approach, starting first with forming the UNPA as a largely consultative body, before slowly empowering it as public support rises.”

3. Campaign for the Establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.

Here is a conspiracy theory Andrew Coyen. Over 300 NGOS working on it.

“The Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (CUNPA) is a global network of more than 300 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and 1,500 current and former parliamentarians from around 150 countries devoted to establishing a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.”

4. World Federalist Movement

“The World Federalist Movement (WFM) is a global citizens movement that advocates the establishment of a global federal system of strengthened and democratic global institutions subjected to the principles of subsidiarity, solidarity and democracy.[1] Famous advocates of world federalism include Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosika Schwimmer, Albert Camus, Winston Churchill, Garry Davis, Emery Reves, Wendell Willkie, Jawaharlal Nehru, E. B. White and Lola Maverick Lloyd.”


Is it really a conspiracy to say there are people who desire a united world government?

Why, exactly why did Trudeau sign this? What iss his intended outcome? Bernier did not sign the conspiracy theory, Trudeau did.

Will you please research this for a fisherman and former humanitarian worker among muslims in Africa?

I found this stuff easily during light reading the last year or so. You certainly have better access to primary sources. I’m stuck with sighting Wikipedia and a few web sources here on my boat on the east coast.

Andrew, or Maxime. Can i work with either of you for free for a week? Teach me to know what i don’t know.

Love To Hear From You

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