Mending Nets Is Biblical Word For Equiping

For you Theology Greek buffs.

The Greek word used to translate the english word for “Equip” or “Equiping” is Katartizo – καταρτίζω

A theologian friend, Ross Rains, after seeing my net working pictures on social media wrote to me saying,

“Love those pics of the nets you build/repair. Did you know that the NT concept of equipping was associated with ‘repairing the nets’ back in the day!”

My morning begins with filling Norwegian net needles with twine and string to make and repair nets.

“Now the God of peace … EQUIP (Karartizo) you in every good thing …” Hebrews 13:20-21

Katartizo is a compound word, composed of kata (“down”) and artos (“a joint”), and has a variety of meanings: but was commonly used to refer to the act of repairing a net.

To repair, restore to a former good condition, to prepare, to fit out, to equip. It is used of reconciling factions, putting a dislocated limb into place, mending nets, manning a fleet, supplying an army with provisions. The basic idea is “adjustment; the putting of all the parts into right relation and connection.” (GladnessInYourPresence blog)

In Matthew 4:21, regarding the mending of nets, the idea is that they be restored to their former condition, thus preparing them for the next day’s fishing, equipping them for future service.

What I do every day this winter, making and reparing nets, is a metaphor for getting prepared for service of the King.

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