Theology From The Fish Shanty – When Space And Spiritually Collide

I can only read a few pages of Julius Evola writing a time as he often talks over my head. But this resonated with me this morning.

“In order to understand both the spirit of Tradition and its antithesis, modern civilization, it is necessary to begin with the fundamental doctrine of the two natures. According to this Doctrine there is a physical order of things and a metaphysical one; there is a mortal nature and an immortal one; there is the superior realm of “being” and the inferior realm of “becoming”. Generally speaking, there is a visible and tangible dimension and, prior to and Beyond it, and invisible and intangible Dimension that is the support, the source, and true life of the former.

Anywhere in the world of Tradition, both East and West and in one form or another, this knowledge (not just a mere “theory”) has always been present as an unshakable axis around which everything revolved. Let me emphasize the fact that it was knowledge and not “Theory.” As difficult as it may be for our contemporaries to understand this, we must start from the idea that the man of tradition was aware of the existence of a dimension of being much wider than what our contemporaries experience and call “reality.”

– Julius Evola. Revolt Against The Modern World. Italian Philosopher

As he defines Dualism i can acknowledge it. There is a physial and a spiritual aspect to reality. They are not the same. They are not ONE. The earth is not spirit, it us physical matter, but has supernatural forces at work on it. This is improtant to distinguish. Saying it’s all one and blended together is Buddhist. Saying there are two aspects that intersect is not the same thing.

There are two orders or natures of the universe.

Now, we are often advised to reject “dualism” when understood as saying there is a division between the physical and spiritual world. This dualism is different. When suggested we reject dualism it is dividing spirit and physical into to different places that do not intersect. It is saying the world operates it self, a distant God is out there to catch us when we die then we go to that other place. But the spiritual thinds that exist have nothing to do with daily life.

That dualism we reject. There are two orders physical and spiritual, but they do intersect daily. The two are not one and the same. The two are not one. But they are two orders that exist and operate together in various ways. They intersect.

We, and most Africans, for example, believe they are both here and both real, and both are operative at the same time (a very serious overlap).

But what we need to understand is that God is transcendent. He is not the cosmos, nor one with it. God is creator of the creation. But creation is not God nor is it spirit. It is made of matter. God is above matter, its creator. Matter is not spirit. However, the activity of God is active in the creation.

But this was interesting because it’s true of every person and ethnic group I’ve worked with in Africa over several decades. Even today. It’s the reason why many secular folks misread the life and habits of locals.

“In traditional societies the “invisible” was an element as real, if not more real, then the data provided by the physical senses. Every aspect of the individual and of the social life of the people belonging to the societies was influenced by this experience.”

– Julius Evola. Revolt Against The Modern World. Italian Philosopher

This is why faith based people are often at ease with African cultures (though mocked by secular westerners). They share a common belief in The two orders. In The physical world and in Spiritual realities, and the spiritual does have influence on life, community, and existence right here in physical earth. They are not Seperated. They are not one. But both exist and function at the same time.

Westerners are often taken in by the exotic nature of Africa’s rituals, ceremonies and rights of passage. But they are just swept up in the exotic nature of this new and radically different experience. However, they fail to understand that the spiritual realm being spoken to, consulted, or contacted, in their minds, is real, and they think us the the fool for thinking otherwise.

Modern westerners have cut the heart out of the shared human experience and reduced it to mechanical Darwinian materialism.

We think we have abandoned the metaphysical universe because we have disproved it; science has enlightened us so we’ve abandoned our ancient naivete!

What if we are wrong? That all those said prayers and human emotions of peace, hope, and love are from a real source. A real experience, not a doctored up and imagined one?

I can show you a thousand cultures and civilizations, even today, that reject this western material “reality”. Ethnic groups who will squarely stand in the face of a physical materialist reality and say, “NO! This is not true.” There is also a spiritual realm operative here.

Christian non Dualism is stated this way in the Christian theology of Incarnation of God.

The incarnation is amazing as it says the two realms existed in Jesus as the Christ. Not that God became one with the physical creation, but that God came into the creation. There is a huge difference.

The Council of Chalcedon (451 CE), this view of the single, unified nature of Christ—was rejected for the “orthodox” belief, held to this day by most Christian denominations, that emphasizes two distinct natures in Jesus instead of one new synthesis.

Incidentally Richard Rohr rejects this position. There was a synthesis, a mixing of the two into something new. The event of Incarnation was new. The two in one body was new, but God never changed who he is by entering Mary’s womb.

Love To Hear From You

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