Man Of Peace Development

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I work with Man Of Peace Development, A small Canadian non-profit NGO doing powerful things with a very small budget.

Simple, Economical, Easily Repeated (by locals) Solutions

We provide pathogen free water  in remote camps with a very simple filtration setup. Water is totally pure, and bacteria free as a result. Deep pump wells are not able to be drilled in these remote places for such small clusters of people. We are trying to fill that gap. 

The bottom billion poorest souls on earth are almost all subsistence farmers. Wish to help the poorest of the poor? They are farmers… This is what the poorest of the poor know how to do. Therefore, they need “plant growth” solutions; ways to increase yield, and income, from small plots of land.

Now imagine this complicating factor; many farming families, the poorest of the poor, also live where they have NINE months of drought?

Solution:  Gravity Feed Drip Irrigated Gardens

With water buckets and water barrels watering vegetable gardens through drip irrigation kits, MOPD enables women to grow gardens all year round, on very little water, just south of the Sahara Desert, seriously increasing production, resulting in significant financial advancement.

These Extra Financial Resources Result In:

  • More Kids Receiving an Education.
  • Better Family Nutrition.
  • Better Family Healthcare.

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  1. Daniel says:

    I real like what you people are doing but I prefer doing that small scale agriculture rather than being employed for small salary, the issue is how can I get those irrigation drip systems for small amount of money to suport my vegetable farming ,as the project is not very common and familiar to our placein Tanzania which is also a dry area.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am not certain of how to find this stuff in your country. However, check out They are in neighboring Zambia and Mozambique. They produces are are always very simple, reliable, and of very modest cost. Good luck.


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